Happy Mother’s Day to ALL women!

Happy Mother’s Day to ALL women! Not being able to have children myself and always hearing comments about it. I know how Mother’s Day can be a very special day and also a very painful day to some of us who can’t have children or even those that didn’t for whatever reason. However, EVERY woman should be honored on Mother’s Day. Children need everyone. So to all the mothers, grandmothers, aunts, godmothers, aunts by choice, teachers and more who are there for us. YOU ARE AMAZING! Don’t ever forget that! Happy Mother’s Day!


The Best Earrings for kids and adults!

The best earrings I’ve found!

These are the best earrings I have ever had! This will show my age, but when I FIRST had my ears pierced, I was given earrings like this. The backs stop the back of the earring from irritating your ears. I love these because you can leave them in for days (especially great on a trip). I love earrings but sometimes I don’t want to be bothered with them. I can sleep in these, travel in these and anything else. I was lost because I finally lost the last pair. I checked everywhere and they looked at me like I was crazy. “Why do you want those?”. I realized that the new starter earrings are basically simple earrings.

So I went on a journey to find the starter earrings. And on Amazon, I found Designs by Di. I was so excited! I couldn’t believe I had found them. They came immediately and I was THRILLED! This week I bought my second set in silver. I can’t wait to buy more!

So I wanted to share with everyone who may be looking for these. Or if your kids need something, these are great. These are also great when you are in the first years of having your ears pierced and you leave your earrings out a little too long. They have a pointed back (not enough to hurt, but enough to push through). You can put these in and you don’t have to have your ears pierced all over again (or be tortured!).

I also love this shop! She’s really nice and gets the earrings out right away!

Happy Spring everyone!

Kids Say the Funniest Things

I adore my nieces and they bring such joy. They say the most amazing things that you wonder how someone so young could say. This week we tried playing in the snow. There was SO much snow, we didn’t go very fast like the time before. But we still had fun! My youngest niece always wants to spend the night. However, this week our conversation went different:

Buckling her into her car seat (she’s 3) and waiting for my sister to come out. I’m trying to stay warm. So I jump in the front passenger seat to wait.

My niece says: Hey you can’t come with us.

Me: Why not?

Niece: Because its not Friday (Friday is sleepover day to my nieces)

Me: so I can’t sleep over unless its Friday?

Niece: Unless Mommy says so.

Me: So, if Mommy says so I can come?

Niece: Yes, then you can.

Me: How do I get Mommy to say I can cover over?

Niece: Hugs and kisses and bake her cookies! (really??)

Me: So if its Friday, I can just come over?

Niece: No, you still have to ask Mommy.

I love how rational she is!

Welcome to my blog!

Welcome to my blog! I hope you will enjoy it as much as I’m looking forward to writing and sharing here. My name is Rebecca and I own Uniquely Designed by Rebecca. Making pet memorials, memorial gifts, baby shower favors, and any other unique gift and favors. My goal is to make both the sad and the happy times special. I have learned through deep lost, that life is short. So if you have a happy event, I want to help make it extra special. For those are the times we cherish when times are rough. When you go through the darkest time of losing a loved one, I want to help. That can never be taken away, however I hope to help you remember the happy memories with unique plaques, ornaments and more. These are also great gifts for anyone going through those times. It is the same with our pets, as they are part of the family!

But my blog isn’t just about my business. I hope to share other products that I find helpful in my life. As well as recipes, fun ideas, all kinds of holidays and more. Actually this is a journey for me and I will share part of my life with you as I go. So I’m not entirely sure what I will write about. I guess we will see! So join me on this journey and stop back soon! I love the company!