Christmas shopping starts!!

And Halloween is over! Thanksgiving is fast approaching. I went to the store today and wow! I don’t know why I’m surprised because it happens every years. Candy canes, Christmas candy and more on the shelves!! I lost my husband 4 years ago and I gave away our Christmas tree to my nieces. I would have kept it but this gave them a bigger tree and I get to see them have joy in it. I always go over to help them put it up after Thanksgiving! This year, I bought a little 4 foot tree. I wanted something special myself. I hope someday I can get a big tree again. I would like at least 6 to 7 feet! With the lights already on it! I love stockings, Christmas music, and all the little traditions. Those are what matter!!

I’m already working on custom ornaments in my shop, I’m getting ready for a local show at SKY Armory in Syracuse NY. Since I added sublimation, I can now do custom pillows, mugs and more! So keep checking back at my shop to see what I add!

Stay warm if you’re in the east, its 39 degrees here and the wind is blowing like crazy so it feels much colder. Have a great weekend!