Kids Say the Funniest Things

I adore my nieces and they bring such joy. They say the most amazing things that you wonder how someone so young could say. This week we tried playing in the snow. There was SO much snow, we didn’t go very fast like the time before. But we still had fun! My youngest niece always wants to spend the night. However, this week our conversation went different:

Buckling her into her car seat (she’s 3) and waiting for my sister to come out. I’m trying to stay warm. So I jump in the front passenger seat to wait.

My niece says: Hey you can’t come with us.

Me: Why not?

Niece: Because its not Friday (Friday is sleepover day to my nieces)

Me: so I can’t sleep over unless its Friday?

Niece: Unless Mommy says so.

Me: So, if Mommy says so I can come?

Niece: Yes, then you can.

Me: How do I get Mommy to say I can cover over?

Niece: Hugs and kisses and bake her cookies! (really??)

Me: So if its Friday, I can just come over?

Niece: No, you still have to ask Mommy.

I love how rational she is!

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